10 reasons why Durban is underrated.

You grow up in durban,and love it, you’re all about beaching and chilled summer days. Then you matriculate and all of a sudden, durban is not good enough for you. It’s the modern South African brain drain, but what I like to call the douche drain. Okay it’s not as drastic as the Brain Drain,there are no oppressing dictators telling you what do it or no wall blocking your dreams of freedom. So yes I am exaggerating , but how else can I make a point. So you’ve finished school and you’re in the market of locating some good ol’ tertiary education. You make your list and it goes a bit something like this:


Now don’t get me wrong, those are excellent establishments , with fine degree’s and wonderful campuses. Let me be clear, I have absolutely nothing against any of those university’s or any other university’s around South Africa. I understand that the small city of Durban is limited when it comes to tertiary education and the fact that those university’s are in demand is not my point of anguish. It’s what comes next.

So you’ve decided to go the great and powerful city of Cape Town, leave all the durban dwellers behind. Leaving those Durbanites behind as you set out for greener pastures, you leave behind your modesty which soon becomes replaced with an air of superiority.

I am student in Durban and most of my friends left for Cape Town to study at either UCT or Stellenboshe. Everyone left friends, left promising to keep in touch, promising to not become those annoying Cape Town students who are only able to talk about how great their life is, and how great Cape Town is.

You probably think I sound bitter, and you would be correct. It’s not I don’t love Cape Town. I Love Cape Town! I love seeing Table mountain wherever I go, I love visiting the penguins and watching squirrels running up and down tree’s. I love the unlimited vintage boutiques and the fact that you can wear a coat and beanie there. It’s just I don’t love what Cape Town does to people. I have no clue what it is but people go there, and 90% of the time , come back arrogant.

I would like to say on behalf of Durban Students and Durbanites alike that being in Durban does not mean that we have inferior education, does not mean we are hard done by and does not mean that we spend all day wishing we were in Cape Town.

So to all you ex-durban lovers and to all you Durbanites wishing you were some where else, here are 10 reasons why Durban is awesome:

1.Durban was voted the friendliest city in South Africa .Hells yeah! You can’t deny the warmth of Durban people, who are always willing to help, always ready to give you a big smile.

2.Durban has the best beaches. Okay you might disagree with me but here me out, but apart from the amazing promenade and awesome vibe, where else can you swim in the sea all year round? There’s nothing like a swim in the sea to clear your head and full your soul.

3.Durban has the finest weather of all. Whether it be summer or winter,Autumn or spring. Durban constantly delivers on a sunny day and blue skies.

4.Durban has it all. Feel like a beach day? feel like some wild life? Feel like some mountains ? well go right ahead. ( you may drive for a while, but enjoy the view!) ( yes I know it is not smack bang in durban but it’s in Kwazulu Natal, so it still counts)

5.Durban People are so chilled. Wear your slopes any where, go to the shops in your pyjamas. No judgement here.

6.Durban is beautiful from the inside out. Just take a drive to the middle of town and you are in for an adventure. From the bustling streets, to the cheeky street vendors to the amazing Warick junction market and Victoria Street market and other markets all over. The market is an experience to be had, from colourful curry powders to fresh fruit and veg to clothes to beads to sangoma medicine.

7.Durban is diversity. There are so many different types of people and cultures. Keeps life interesting and colourful.

8.Durban is delicious. Yes, chip and cheese roti’s, Cro’nuts (The love child of a Croissant and Donut), Havana’s powerfully great steaks, Italian perfection from Spigadora and lots of nom nom nom worthy foods.

9.Durban is fun. There’s always some local art exhibition to enjoy, There’s good ol’ I heart Market to indulge in some lemonade and macrons whilst going broke for the beautiful handmade goodies and don’t forget Essenwood market every Saturday, There’s bike rides along the promenade, Coffee shops love and so much more.

10.Ultimately Durban is home. Durban is that non tangible feeling that you can’t put into words. It’s that happy feeling , like you’ve just put on your fat pants and had a cup of tea.

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