Be nice.

I personally find the word ‘nice’ to be the most underrated word in the english dictionary. In school when we were given the task to write creatively, we were discouraged from using the word nice. When you eat an ice cream and you describe it as nice, well people assume it’s just a plain old average ice-cream. When you use that little word to describe some-one, it isn’t really seen as a compliment. It’s seen as bleh, as a sickly pale peach colour, as a placeholder word for ‘average’. “Nice guys finish last”, another famous contribution to the *hatetude of the word nice. I mean the amount of times I have heard “nice is not a nice word”, is just so tiresome.

Well sorry Mrs. Zighart, and to all the haters out there, I think nice is a very nice word. So nice in-fact I will say it twice; nice, nice. I think we have underestimated how nice it is to be nice.

Nice is in fact a very contemporary word. The actual origin of the word is used negatively to describe attributes such as cowardly, delicate, fragile and strange. The word was first used positively in the 16th century and began to take on a different meaning, one of being pleasant and kind. For me this transformation of the word speaks to a deep and symbolic change, sending the cheesy yet relevant message that people can become nice. No matter what, you can be or become nice.

Step back for someone; smile; open the door for the person that has hands full of children and shopping bags; pick up the coin or pen that someone dropped; pay for a strangers toll; lend someone money for parking; bake a cake and give it away, pick a flower for a friend.

To be nice, is a choice, something you can become. It is a choice you can make everyday. It’s a actually a great choice. If we were all nice, or if we made an effort to be nice, if we embraced being nice, if we celebrated being nice, well just imagine.

* Hatetude- a hateful attitude

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