I fear the movies lied to us.

To echo the clichés that have gone before me, and the clichés to come; the movies have lied to us. I fear they have filled our heads with fairytale romances, love affairs and unattainable life dreams. The movies, the media, your aunt’s one friend who won the lottery, celebrities and social media. These things have defined what love, success, happiness and beauty look like.

We have allowed these influences into our lives, we’ve accepted these as norms. We put our lives on pause, waiting to be whisked away, waiting for a personal epiphany, waiting for ‘our moment’ in the sun. Except waiting for our moment in the sun doesn’t allow us to actually enjoy the sun, or the roses people are always telling us to smell. We live with these huge expectations, waiting for a life changing moment. We miss out on the things that actually have the potential to make us happy, like really happy.

We say no to the boy with the nice smile that makes us laugh, because we’re waiting for our heart to skip a beat, to be head over heels, to be madly in love. We’re unhappy in our job, because we’re waiting to be the boss, to get that dream job but everyone’s story is different.

I think love is friendship at its finest, it’s being comfortable with each other and just being there for each other. I think success is being yourself, it’s being happy for a day when nothing extraordinary has happened. But that’s just what I think.

Success, love, life, it’s up to you to define what that means to you.

Screw the movies, be happy.

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