Creativity is not yours.

Creativity is this intangible thing; this ‘presence’ that flows through us, if we allow it. Creativity is not exclusive or private. You do not need a parking permit for creativity; you just need to be ready and waiting with a pen in your hand. Selfishness and competition are the antichrist to creativity; they start, slowly at first, creeping into your creative space. They lure creativity out, pretending to be a friend, to be a helping hand but then before you know it they have stabbed creativity through the heart till all breath has left, till the heartbeat is a distant dull drumbeat of a dream. Creativity & ideas should never be trapped and caged; they should fly free and act as an invisible Mary Poppins, going where they are needed, then moving on swiftly.


You’re not special.

“You’re special”, “You’re one in a million”, “There’s no-one like you”. These are things our parents tell us, our teachers tell us, those cheesy inspirational sunset quote pictures tell us. I may not be old and wise or have a Gandalf-like beard, but I think those teachers and inspirational sunset pictures were wrong. As much as I would like to believe that there is no-one else like me, no-one else that refuses to wear socks that match or has an unhealthy obsession with Ice Tea, I know that’s not true.

It’s like when it rains; and we watch the raindrops race down the window, wondering which raindrop will be the winning drop. No-one told us to partake in this raindrop gambling, but it is an unspoken habit which we all do.

We are inherently the same, I may like broccoli and you may like brussel sprouts, I may detest all sports related things, you might own a giant foam finger that say’s ‘go sports!’ (I think it’s safe to say I know nothing about sport) but at the end of the day we are all human, we are all capable of thinking the same things. Just like watching rain drops race down a window, there are many unspoken habits, thoughts and ideas that we unknowingly share with strangers.

I’ve always naively thought that we are able to individually innovate, thinking unique creative thoughts, but every day I come closer to the realisation that there truly isn’t anything original under the sun. But this isn’t just another pessimistic blog post because I happen to think identical epiphanies are to be celebrated.

Instead of competing against each other’s creativity, what if we collaborated, constantly working together, to innovate together, to move forward together. The world would be better off if we acted like a functional social network; instead of being selfish and narcissistic social network (or rather antisocial), rather we lived away from ourselves, networking our creativity, using our shared creativity to arrive at solutions that can make a difference; sooner than later.

Just saying.