The circle of selfishness.  

Every time the lights go out; when the man fat with money, switches them off because he can’t think of another way; I think to myself is this it? Will the lights ever come back on? Is today the day our society dissolves onto a dystopian cliché? I think to myself; if only I had bought a solar panel, if only I had switched off more, if only I had walked more. If only I hadn’t bought so much stuff, that more stuff had to be made. If only I hadn’t classified my wants as needs. If only I had lived simply. Then the lights come back on, and I’m back on Facebook, I’m watching T.V, I’m shopping online, I’m on Pinterest looking at stuff, stuff to want, stuff to buy, stuff I definitely ‘need’. 


Seek beauty.

Beautynoun– an intangible quality, both pure and true. A quality often misinterpreted as something external; something fading but pursued still for the superficial. A quality that should be pursued for it’s stubborn nature of making the world a better place; for true beauty cannot be seen but felt.

Don’t waste your time following fads or pretty girls on Instagram; seek beauty.

Find what makes someone truly beautiful, not their ability to contour, but their ability to conquer the world with their smile; seek beauty.

In a world of hatred, inequality and ego, love the blue sky and the dark rain clouds. Marvel at how clever nature is and how the sun always rises; seek beauty.

In a society that values success, money and sex; appreciate kindness and gentleness, love your friends and the people you call family; seek beauty.

In a world where we are told to look out for ourselves, a world of self-promotion and narcissism, a ‘dog-eat-dog world’ world, an ‘everyman for himself’ world; don’t be that man. Reject the acceptance of selfishness and live looking outward;

seek beauty.