Seek beauty.

Beautynoun– an intangible quality, both pure and true. A quality often misinterpreted as something external; something fading but pursued still for the superficial. A quality that should be pursued for it’s stubborn nature of making the world a better place; for true beauty cannot be seen but felt.

Don’t waste your time following fads or pretty girls on Instagram; seek beauty.

Find what makes someone truly beautiful, not their ability to contour, but their ability to conquer the world with their smile; seek beauty.

In a world of hatred, inequality and ego, love the blue sky and the dark rain clouds. Marvel at how clever nature is and how the sun always rises; seek beauty.

In a society that values success, money and sex; appreciate kindness and gentleness, love your friends and the people you call family; seek beauty.

In a world where we are told to look out for ourselves, a world of self-promotion and narcissism, a ‘dog-eat-dog world’ world, an ‘everyman for himself’ world; don’t be that man. Reject the acceptance of selfishness and live looking outward;

seek beauty. 

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