Fleeting thoughts.

I love to travel; to actively seek a new adventure. Traveling is all confetti and chocolate; it’s glamorous and sweet but some of my most memorable moments have come from moments of pause. A train ride, a coffee shop, or just lying in bed. It’s in those moments of pause that you are just you, your head is clear; and you are open to the maybe profound and very random. Here are a few of those random moments that never left my head.

Ireland | 30.12.15 | 11pm | Bed

I used to be afraid of the dark before I understood the melancholy it felt.

Santa Cristina Val Gardena, Dolomiti | 11.01.16 | 3pm | Some bus

As a child you live a life where logic is excluded, where the moon chases you when you drive around at night, and the world revolves around you, not the sun.

 Rome |  21.01.16 | 5pm | Train to the airport

The lady on the train looked at me as if she was looking for inspiration for her novel. Was she writing a novel, I don’t know, probably not, but the way she quizzically looked at my mismatched scarf and cardigan was if she was looking to describe an unfinished character. After subtly, yet not so subtly eyeing me out, she went back to typing.

Dubai Airport | 22.1.16 | 6am |McDonalds

There seems to be a connection between the wearing of fanny packs and purchase of McDonalds at 6am in an airport.


Note to self.

1. Your feelings are okayIt’s okay to feel sad, angry or jealous. Feelings are neither good or bad, feelings are things that you feel; they’re natural- you can’t help them. The important thing is to never get stuck in a feeling, or become defined by a feeling.

2. You’re not special- We’ve been conditioned to believe we’re unique and special and that we’re going to change the world. The sooner we realise that there are other people out there, the sooner we remove who we are and what we can do from our ego; the sooner we will actually make a difference and change the world, because our minds can change the world, but our ego’s will ruin it.

3. It’s only the beginning- Chill out, you’re young. You have so much time to get where you want to be. Stop being impatient about where you want to be and where you are currently. Give yourself the time and space to grow into the person you want to be.

4. Stop stressing- Will it matter in 10 years time? Thought not, so stop stressing.

5. Don’t be kak- You’re not cool, you’ll never be cool. In fact there’s no such thing as being cool. Keep it real, smile and say thank you.

6. Why so serious?- Stop taking yourself so seriously, believe it or not, you can do whatever you put your mind to and still laugh at a meme and pull an ugly face in a photo. Lighten up, even if your burden is heavy, laughing will lighten it.