Do not let fear win.

In the uncertainty of the future, the uncertainty of what may come; never lose your sense of adventure. Take hold of today and live it well, because tomorrow is another day and it can be handled then, that’s not to say you shouldn’t pack a rucksack full of wisdom and bandaids. Look at tomorrow, and what it might hold and smile; take on that adventure; choose hope. Don’t look at the horizon and expect storm clouds, see a clear sky. I guess I am talking in overused and cheesy metaphors because I look around and all I see is hate and fear. I see world changing decisions being made by people who choose fear rather than hope, who make these world changing decisions from a place of anxiety and doubt. Decisions made from that place are not clear headed,  objective or productive. Fear based decisions lead to further fear which turns into hate. These decisions bring out the worst in humanity, they reveal this horrible dementor-like soul sucking hooded villain, that is blinded by an innate desire to control everything. Don’t try to control the future, rather embrace change and avoid taking up a job as a prison guard at Azkaban. 

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