He always stared.

Obsessedvia Daily Prompt: Obsessed

He always stared and stared and stared, never blinking, always watching. From side to side his eyes darted and danced with a certain rhythmic jive.

He loved to look and look and look but looking was not all he loved. He loved eyes, for they were the tools to look, and looking did he love.

Blue, green, brown he loved them all, so much so that he had to have them all.

One day he bought a jar, well maybe two or three. He also bought a metal spoon, so shiny, so round, so cold.

It was time to visit Mary Sue, he thought, the girl with big blue eyes. Well visit is a vague term to describe climbing through her window. He found her sleeping and woke her up, and her eyes grew so big. This made him smile, this made her scream.

So he grabbed his spoon.


An ode to the girl who never gave up.

 To the girl who never gave up, here’s to you;

For getting up, moving on and dusting your knees.

For running when they said you couldn’t walk,

For talking when they said it was not your place,

even when they took your voice from you; you never stopped.

For tearing up the piece of paper that said you were nothing,

using it to start a fire and set the world aflame

and rebuilding, till the world was yours.

For looking gender in the eye and questioning it,

For telling stereotypes they could shove it,

and for choosing pink, choosing blue, choosing you.

For giving life, for being strong, for being so many things.

For your beautiful soul, your loving eyes, your tender touch,

and your essence which can’t measured by a number or a substance or a chemical;

whose roots run so deep and so wide that you are the wind, rain

and everything inbetween.

You support and hold generations in your hands,

and lead armies with them too.

You are always underestimated

but don’t let that stop you,

Never give up.