Do not fear boredom.

I remember rushing home from school, flinging my school shoes off and collapsing onto my bed. Staring at the ceiling for what seemed five minutes, and dreaming up some unrealistically splendid thoughts and scenarios; being married to Zac Efron, being able to pause time, being a spy, a singer, all those great things. Those five minutes were actually two hours and the sun would be setting on a pale candy floss lit sky.

Lying on my bed, floating in the pool, sitting on the grass; I would travel to Russia, I would meet new people, try new things. I would daydream up a life that one day I would hopefully live, or daydream up a life that I would never be able to live.

Now trying to remembering the last time I just did nothing, well I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Work. Instagram. Work. Facebook. Work. Eat. Some new ‘have to watch series’. Sleep. Pub. Club. Coffee date. Maybe run. Probably not run. Some new ‘have to watch series’. Pinterest. Side hustle. Repeat.

If I were to do an audit of my life, the results would come back as busy, boarding on cluttered. Cluttered with things and stuff and this and that. Just. So. Much. Stuff. I call it stuff because I don’t really know what ‘it’ is. It’s a miscellaneous category. This miscellaneous category is born out of a fear to be bored, afraid to be lazy, afraid of wasting time, not building my career, or making new friends.

I miss daydreaming, living slowly and simply, being content. Daydreaming is actually conducive to creativity. To be still is good for you. Good for your brain, your relationships, your career. I obviously found this out because I was bored, so went on an obsessive  Googling spree, but the point is I arrived at a great webpage and a great place, and a great thought that got me thinking. That got me daydreaming, that got me embracing boredom. Boredom isn’t just boredom, it’s a state of being still, a healthy pause. It’s something that we’ve redefined as bad but I think we need more boredom.

Stop filling up your mind with stuff, give it space, let it wander.

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