Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine.

It sometimes feels like the world is a gigantic vacuum cleaner and we are the lost buttons and fluff found on the carpet, and we just get sucked up, in a flash, boom, done. I mean one minute we’re a happy piece of fluff just fluffing around, the next second we’re living in a dust covered world that looks like something out of ‘Stranger Things’.

Society, people; they have a way of turning your day upside down, not just your day but your smile too. One day you’ve woken up on the right side of the bed and next minute it feels like someone just pushed you off it.

Here’s the truth, the world is harsh, people aren’t always going to like you or to be kind to you. But you have the choice to be better. It’s your choice to face blue days with sunny smiles.

Be better. Be nice. Be happy. Keep on spreading sunshine. Your sunshine is yours, don’t let anyone dull it. Don’t let anyone make you feel silly or worthless. Don’t let anyone darken your day. When you smile through a storm, the storm has no power to scare you.

Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine.

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