It’s the little things.

 Life, when you look at it in it’s entirety, can be pretty daunting. How life should be, the ideals that should be kept, the future, the bigger picture – well it’s all pretty big. Big and daunting.

 I shrug my shoulders in the present and shake my head at the future. Anxious that things will never be quite right. Not right in my life, not right in the world.

The future seems overwhelming when you look at what you want out if it. A better, brighter future always seems far away. So the best way to digest life, is not to swallow it whole but cut it into tiny little pieces.

I am under the belief that the horrible big social problems and issues that seem to block a clear and happy future for all should not be looked at with dismay. We should instead look at what we are capable of doing every day. Whether it’s picking up litter or smiling at a passing pedestrian. Being consistent with the small things, makes taking on the big things a bit more bearable.

So in the grand big cruel scheme of life, it’s the little things. The lists and the small milestones – they count because that’s our ride to the future, our own time machine if you must.

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