Memory Time Machine.

By nature, the future is unknown, but also exciting and scary. Unknown, because, well it’s the future, exciting because the future is a blank page of possibilities and scary because the future is a blank page of possibilities.

But the future is also a lot more predictable than we give it credit for. I realized this after some good ol’ reminiscing. Thinking back to how I used to play, what I used to love, and how I grew up – those experiences became patterns that gave me a sneak peak into my future.

As a little girl my days were consumed in the world of Barbies and dolls, spending hours living the lives of skinny, blonde plastic dolls. Teddy bears were a close second, creating a school where they would go every day. As I grew older, the idea of living out different lives still captured my imagination and when friends came over, we would play ‘teacher teacher’ or ‘teenager teenager’ (the repetition of the name obviously made it a game).

Looking back at my childhood, it was obvious that I would become a writer. My love for escaping into different worlds, for creating new worlds, for stories and storytelling was found as I bossed Ken around and filled Barbie’s life with a new career every day. Looking back, my need for control was also clear in those early years, as I controlled the fate of those fictional characters with far too much joy. 

It’s obvious that your past shapes your future, but instead of just letting life happen to us, we can use our past, our now, and shape it with intention. We can look critically at what we like about ourselves and what we don’t; we don’t have to be the same person forever. We can look back at who we were, look at who we are and decide who we want to be. 

We’re not victims of the future but victors.

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